Lord of the flies

Lord of the flies was written by William Golding, who is an Oxford graduate and who was a school teacher during the World war era. He joined the Royal navy later on and the experience he gained during the world war 2 has an immense effect on his great novel Lord of the flies. With no time after the release of the book, it became a best seller in Britain and United states.


The story line of the book is about a group of school boys who face a tragic incident while on a plane. The story begins when the plane carrying these boys shot down over the pacific which ends them being stranded on an inhibited island all by themselves. Then the story takes you on a very unusual path which describes about humanity and how humanity can be total disrupted when people are free from rules of the civilization instead of taking you through a journey of survival. With his experience during the world war 2, the author William Golding has seeing the ugly truth behind humanity which can take them into a darker side of life. The young boys who get stranded on the inhibited island try to make a community of their own on this no man’s island. When there is a leader, the usual paradigm of another person who aspires to be the leader brings in trouble which turn them to be uncivilized. This is a clear example of how human act when there is no lower and order to put restrictions on their behaviour. These children were probably having a normal life as school kids who would obey their parents and teachers but their whole life changes with the tragic plan crash.


They even go up to the extent of killing one another over power and fame which is an obvious experience of the author during world war. Therefore, I believe that while bringing out the characters of the book, the author is also showcasing irony about human behavior which was quite salvage during world war. There was no humanity and so much of disruption took place around the world due to man’s craving for power and money.


At the end of the story, a British naval officer who was on duty finds these boys. He notices the fire created by the boys while on ship and comes for their rescue. While he had no idea about the conversion of these children to salvage children who were ready to kill one another, he rescues them to be taken back home with him. However at the end the boys confess about their act of salvage where the story ends leaving a great lesson to all human being around the world.

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