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Read a book filled with suspension and ecstasy from start to the end.

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You will be hooked up right till the end as the Author Gillian Flynn will keep you wondering… keep you guessing what will happen next!


The story line of Gone girl is built around a couple who falls in love with each other thinking that love means everything in life and the very same couple will show you how that perception changes step by step as they enter the real world as a married couple.

It is no wonder that the book has won the New York Times best seller within no time after the rerelease and gained so much of popularity among readers of different age groups.


The most interesting part of the book is that there are two sides of the story, one from the husband Nick Dunne and the opposite story from his wife Amy Dunne. The story starts with a sort of a confession from Nick about how their lives started with tingling affection for each other at the early stages. The beginning is a unique one where he starts describing about Amy’s head and how he is wondering what is running in her mind which can happen in most of the marriages after the love and affection starts sinking away.


The most common thing in the main characters of Gone girl, Amy and Nick is their profession both being writers which I believe got them hooked on to each other so well in the early stages of their relationship.

Amy is a New York girl with so much of New York pride while Nick was brought up in Missouri. Their story takes a dangerous twist as the financial crisis started beating up the couple step by step making their lives difficult day by day.

The story goes beyond the usual fiction line of a love story where the author has added thriller affects which sometime take you towards a crime novel and at one point a story of the cheating husband and until the end you will be kept absorbed till the end of the story to find the answers to all the questions that are running in your mind.


On another note, Gone girl is an eye opener to couples around the world to realize that the marriage life after the sweet love story is not a bed of roses and how life can change so much so that you become strangers to each other.

It is also important to note how the mentality of two individuals are handles so well by the author taking the same scenario from each others perspective which takes the story to an unusual narration.

Gone Girl Pdf

The climax of the story starts with the 5th wedding anniversary day of the couple where wife takes the husband on a series of un magnable events keeping you so hooked to the whole story.

Gone girl pdf will keep you wondering while you will embrace the story of the couple which keeps getting better and better as the story unfolds in front of you.


Love is the world’s infinite mutability: Lies, hatred, murder even, are all knit up in it. It is the inevitable blossoming of its opposites, a magnificent rose smelling faintly of blood.

Pierre Corneille, the illusion


Gone girl going on the movie stream


Just like the book, the movie has gained immense popularity among the public. Some who have missed out reading the book has even got hold of the gone girl pdf or the hard cover as the book always tells a better story than the movie.

The film was directed by David Fincher while Ben Affleck and Rosamund pike has done a great deal of work as the Nick and Amy in the thrilling movie starting from the 5th anniversary day of the couple.

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